LitFest coming up

Hi everyone,

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Children’s Literature Festival in a couple of weeks. Thousands of kids and dozens of children’s authors and artists come together each year in Warrensburg, Missouri on the campus of University of Central Missouri for two days of sessions. The Festival was started by Phil Sadler and Ophelia Gilbert and is now led by Naomi Williamson. It’s hard to imagine how many young people have attended one or more times to meet the creators of some of their favorite books. 2015 marks the 46th anniversary of the annual event. I began participating 37 years ago in 1978 and I don’t think I’ve missed a year since then.

Many of my friends will be there and I’m eager to see them again. They include Carol (C.S.) Adler; Bill Anderson; Sandy Asher; Brad Sneed; Cheryl Harness; Claudia Mills; Dorinda Nicholson; Patricia Hermes, Ard Hoyt; Janie (J.B.) Cheaney; Jan Greenberg; June Rae Wood; Lois Ruby; Marie Smith; Mary Casanova; Mary Downing (Hahn) Jacob; Michael Spradlin; Roderick Townley; Roland Smith; Obert Skye; Sneed Collard; Terry Trueman; and Vivian Vande Velde plus many others. Lucky me to count such talented, dedicated, and fun people among my friends. You can see why I look forward each year to seeing them again!

8 comments on “LitFest coming up

  1. Some of us seem to be fixtures at the Festival, and that is OK! I am a newby compared to you, David….I started in 1986. Going there is sort of like Christmas, a wonderful time of year, filled with favorite people and lots of fun and books! See you soon!

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