Hooray for Su Hutchens and her kids!

Hi everyone,

Our friend SU HUTCHENS has made my day! For the first time in ages, we have some children’s poems posted. Thanks to Su, four of her 4th grade poets have their work posted this morning using this month’s word as their inspiration. Please go see them, enjoy them, and encourage these young poets. You never know when you are making a positive difference that can change a life.

Our pals, Su and Dan Hutchens

Su, I know you believe in and practice the power of poetry with your students. Bless you for that. As you know, when I started Word of the Month Poetry Challenge in 2009, teachers across the country started posting poems by their students. Later, the poems stopped coming. Teachers said they were too busy because of changes in their schedules that made it impossible to spare the time to post their kids’ work. It has been sad to see the children’s section of Word of the Month go empty every month since then. In the last few years I think KEN SLESARIK has been the only teacher to post any student work.

Ken and me, 2011, Highlights Foundation Poetry Workshop near Honesdale, PA

If you are a teacher or know one, now is a good time to consider this wonderful opportunity for student writers.

2 comments on “Hooray for Su Hutchens and her kids!

  1. Thank you, dear David! The kids will be thrilled today when I show them their poems on your blog! And, so everyone knows, these young writers created their poems on their own time – it was not a classroom assignment! Pretty neat!

    Glad to find myself in the same category with Ken Slesarik! FYI: Ken and I became FB friends several years ago (thanks to David!) and actually met in person in February when hubby and I traveled to Arizona. It was so much fun spending a few hours with Ken and his lovely wife, Julie!

    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on the poems written by my students!

    • Congratulation them all for us, Su. It’s so good to have some kids back on Word of the Month. Thank you very much!

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