Google Hangout Tuesday night

Hi everyone,

The other day I told you about the upcoming Google Hangout with Ruth Culham and four panelist authors. This is a reminder that the event is coming up next week on Tuesday night. We’ll have a rehearsal Monday night and then stand by for fun the following evening.

I hope you’ll hang out with us and tell anyone you know who might be interested to come too. It’s free and I like the topic of using mentor texts.


Meanwhile at Goose Lake

REMINDER: Don’t forget the Friends of the Library book sale that’s still going on in Springfield. The big book sale (and CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and more!) is Tuesday, Oct. 21, through Sunday, Oct. 26, at Remington’s, 1655 W. Republic Road. For times and details call 417-872-5149 or visit


Hi everyone,

While I’ve been sitting in front of my computer in a darkened room, cackling and carrying on, life around the lake carries out business as usual. Yesterday I spotted this praying mantis making its way up a concrete column toward the roof. I don’t know if it was headed home for the night or just looking for something to eat. Judging from its girth I’d guess it wasn’t too hungry.

My thanks to all who have so far helped celebrate October as the 5th anniversary of Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. We’re greeting some old friends who haven’t come around in a while and hope to see others before the month ends. I’m so pleased to see some student poets posted this month. Please show them some support by clicking on the Young Poets W.O.M. Poems box to enjoy what they’ve shared with us.
Anne Cox
In other news, Anne Cox recently had a delightful book published about yoga for kids. Congratulations, Anne. I’m sorry that I missed your signing at Barnes & Noble last week. Glad it went well. Here’s a link to Amazon. .

Double, double toil and trouble

BULLETIN: I’m delighted to report that Springfield News-Leader has picked up my video for their online edition. My thanks to Sony Hocklander for making it happen.

Hi everyone,

Many of you saw this yesterday when Jeff posted my video on YouTube. I was on Facebook and I sent notices to several people. Here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it yet and have an interest.

I wrote the poem last month and posted it on September 7, Two days ago I was in the coat closet and found on the shelf a witch hat complete with long black hair at the back. I have no idea why, when, or where we got it and neither does Sandy. All I know is that the hat made me think of my recent take off on Macbeth and the combination was too tempting to pass up.

Yesterday I borrowed a black shawl from Sandy, donned a black shirt buttoned to the neck and set out to make a video. After moving furniture and trying a couple of rooms looking for a good background I finally settled on sitting here at my desk but with all the lights off. I printed the poem in four sections and pasted each to a 4 x 6 card that could rest on my keyboard. And then the fun began.

On the 22nd take, I had a video. Easy! Jeff took it from there to post on YouTube. I consulted with Renee about when to post this and she suggested waiting until Monday. That way it could be up all week and then link to Poetry Friday. It seemed like the sensible thing to do. The the old instant gratification thing overcame me (along with equally fun advice from other friends) and I went ahead yesterday. That means I can’t do Poetry Friday next week but maybe I can do it this week anyway.

Without further ado, here’s the video. If you like it, I hope you’ll share with others. I can’t cackle like this just every day you know.


Update from Jeanne Poland

BULLETIN: Please check my video on Facebook. “Double double, toil and trouble.” I was going to wait until Halloween but instant gratification got in the way.

Hi everyone,

I asked for updates on writing experiences from anyone who has attended previous poetry workshops. One of the original SWAP 8+1 members, Jeanne Poland, was the first to respond. I am not surprised. Jeanne is always prompt and I relied on her to keep me on schedule at the workshops she attended. She is a former nun, retired teacher, gifted artist, and dedicated poet. Here are her own words. Thanks Jeanne!
Honesdale, David and Jeanne
1 David introduced me to a blog on WordPress, and to daily posting.
I was able to purchase media space and post high-res photos, films, links and marvelous graphics which satisfy my appetite
for illustrations.

2 The replies and comments on various poetry blogs enrich my days immeasurably.

3 Highlights Foundation is my new Writing, Illustrating and Publishing Academy.
The artists are a dignified social circle too.

4 Blurb, an independent author/publishing firm, has guided me in the publication of 13 books.
You can see previews of them for free at:

5 Working on-line has saved me much travel time, and linked me to the global world of art.

6 I continue to be stimulated by the networking with “live poets in live time” and the art shows held at the galleries here in NY.

7 Finally, my days are sprinkled with the joys of the 3 and 5 year old grand children, who also love to rhyme and initiate great art:

Jeanne Poland

Someone could win a book

REMINDER: Today is the first day of the Friends of the Library Book Sale. I posted about it a few days ago but here’s the link to refresh your memory. If you live in the area, try to get by and take advantage of the bargains.

BULLETIN: Here’s a reading must. It’s Cheryl Harness’s Nonfiction Minute about Dolley Madison. It’s history come alive as only Cheryl tells it.

Hi everyone,

Many of you know about a group called Teaching Authors (Six Authors Who Also Teach Writing). My thanks to one of their members, Carmela Martino, for featuring a Halloweenish poem of mine in her October 17 post: Reaching Reluctant Readers, Poetry Friday, and CWIM Giveaway. Here’s the link. . Someone will win a copy of the book, BUGS, when the drawing takes place 11 days from now.

Carmela has written an article for 2015 CHILDREN’S WRITER’S AND ILLUSTRATOR’S MARKET so you can also find out how you might win a copy of that.

My thanks to Carmela for choosing my poem to include in her post. If you haven’t gone over to become acquainted, this is a good chance.