Cheryl Harness’s newest title

Cheryl Harness, 2

Hi everyone,

Another good chum, none other than Cheryl Harness, is introducing her latest title with a September 1 release date. Did you see on Facebook her smiling face above the cover of Flags Over America: A Star-Spangled Story? Well hie thee thither. If you aren’t friends with Cheryl, it’s high time you were.

Here’an Amazon link to her latest marvel. Hie thee there too.

Shakespeare lives! Sort of

Hi everyone,

On August 24, 2012 I posted this sonnet in response to a Pat Lewis challenge that he called “Parroties.” I rediscovered it during my filing binge.

That Kind of Year Thou Mayst In Me Behold
From William Shakespeare to his editor
David L. Harrison

Long I slaved oe’r words you now behold,
Where participles dangled, none doth hang,
Set upon each line with pen made bold
By promises I thought your letter sang;
In me thou see’st an earnest bard laid low
As I behold through grief-rimmed eyes your note
As from a deathbed room perfumed by woe,
Thou didn’st care for any word I wrote;
In me thou see’st the glowing of desire,
Though on the ashes of defeat I lie,
That on the morrow, purified by ire,
I’ll rise, consumed by that which makes me try
To pen what thou perceiv’st as sweet and strong
Which you’ll love well and beg from me ere long.

I hope you don’t mind seeing it again.


My W.O.M. poem for August

Hi everyone,

Here’s my DOG poem. My M.O.W. says I tend to come from some other place. I don’t know why she says that.

To Wolf or to Woof
David L. Harrison

Not all scientists agree
that dogs evolved from wolves.
Some say both came
from the same source.
But I believe
that somewhere in time
a guy with a spear –
out grunting his mate’s disapproval –
carried home cubs from a wolf kill.

I bet they amused him,
snarling, mock-fighting,
tumbling around the fire,
falling asleep on his chest.
But they were wild things
and at some point
must have eyed his baby
so he roasted them on a stick.

Other guys followed –
brought home cubs,
fattened them for a handy food supply –
until there came a time
(perhaps when kids started begging)
when some cubs were allowed to live,
reproduce, follow the tribe,
even help in the hunt
in return for scraps.
I bet their saving disgrace
was learning to let babies
pull their ears and not eat them.

At last the skinny cowering creatures
slinking a cautious mile behind the tribe
rolled onto their backs and surrendered,
licked the right fingers,
if you know what I mean,
napped at their masters’ feet.
No longer wolf,
though rough, no longer wild.

Your teacup Chihuahua
trembling at rain,
wetting himself at thunder,
has come a long way.
As his grandfather
six thousand generations ago
would testify,
running with people
takes the howl right out of you.

Stories in old class pictures

Hi everyone,

Looking for a writing prompt? As I toiled over my filing these last few days I uncovered some pictures of my first and second grade classes where I began school in Ajo, Arizona.

I don’t remember a single face and only a few names from either group. I wonder how many are alive and where they are and what they’re doing today. Our classes weren’t large. I must have known all the kids, played with them, gone to their parties, had them to mine. I must have given each one a Valentine and faithfully tucked away the ones they gave me. I know that because my mother dutifully placed them all in scrapbooks.
Janie Cheaney

Wondering about my old school chums made me think of Janie Cheaney’s marvelous new book, SOMEBODY ON THIS BUS IS GOING TO BE FAMOUS, set to be released in a couple of weeks. Janie fills a bus with kids and brings them to life one by one until we know them all. I’ve read the book and can tell you that it’s beautifully done. But my lips are sealed about what happens. You’ll have to get a copy and read it yourself.

And isn’t that a great exercise? Create a cast of characters and make each one distinctly different in manner, size, quirks, dreams, fears . . . Throw in a reason for them being together, add some suspense, surprise your reading with how it ends, and you might wind up writing a book. Wouldn’t that be awful?

Good news: Maryann is back

Maryann and Larry

Hi everyone,

On May 12, Maryann Wakefield interrupted her life, not to mention her writing career, when she tripped in her driveway and suffered head injuries. Fighting back to regain her life where it left off has been a long, hard struggle. Therapy continues but as we all know, writers don’t quit.

At this time, three months after her accident, it gives me great pleasure to share Maryann’s announcement that she’s back at work on her second book, A RAGING STORM COMING, which takes up where A GENTLE SUN COMING left off. Two days ago she gave me a sneak preview of what’s ahead, and I’m impressed. It’s going to be another good read.

Congratulations, Maryann. Thanks for the courage and for being such a role model. Thanks, Larry, for being the kind of mate she had to have throughout the worst of the ordeal and for being with her now to help in every way she needs. It’s a privilege to know you both.