Dropping out of the race

Hi everyone,

I hate to admit it but based on the early polls, I hereby withdraw my name from the race for governor of the fine state of Florida. My pledge to introduce more kinds of pies is just not resonating with voters as I thought it would. Granted, I received commitments from 12 and received only 1 negative comment, but only two of the voters actually live in Florida. I’m beginning to think my campaign was too narrow, too one-issue, for the masses. It looks like my political aspirations have melted like meringue in July on a key lime pie.

7 comments on “Dropping out of the race

    • Thank you, dear Linda. It is the steadfast support of those who believed the cause was just that will sustain me through these difficult hours.

  1. Oh no! Now the good people of Florida will be mired down with just good old fashioned politics!! A pie campaign is so much more palatable! Perhaps another year….

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