The bees are back

Hi everyone,

The bees are back, they come and go and buzz around the patio and land on hands and crawl on knees and own the blossoms, shrubs, and trees, no matter what the hummingbird thinks they rob its feeder of sweetened drinks, they skim the pool to slack their thirst and swimmers flinch and fear the worst, the bees are back. The bees are back with buzzing sound from hidden nest we haven’t found, their numbers growing every day as these tell others of the way, they grow more brazen, fearless, bold, what will our bee-filled future hold? All they crave is a sugary snack, but the bees, the bees, the bees are back. (c) 2022 David L. Harrison

6 comments on “The bees are back

  1. Love it! And so you know – as I was reading your blog on my phone this morning, I was standing by an open window in the kitchen. A tiny hummingbird was peeking through the window. I think he enjoyed your story, as well!

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